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It’s been almost a year since I’ve last written, and many things have changed since my last post (details to come in my next post).  I’ve fallen off the “clean” bandwagon, but I’m hoping back on – in fact, I’m the conductor of the bandwagon.  More to come… 


Loving that summer has officially hit Chicago!  In honor of the start of this sunny season, I’ve decided to take on a new project:  blogging.  More specifically, chronicling the ways I’m attempting to cleanse – mind, body and soul.  

I’ve cleansed several times before – everything from a lemonade diet to going vegan.  All quick fixes, but I now find myself focused on more of a lifestyle cleanse – getting healthy from the inside out.  Look for nutritional recipes, holistic inspiration and more.  With the once-in-a-while chocolate splurge. 

Hope you join me on my journey!

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